Best Soundbars Under Rs 15,000 – boAt Aavante 3100d, JBL SB 260, LG SJ3, Samsung T45E, Motorola AmphisoundX

Looking for a soundbar to intensify your Home Entertainment experience with a budget of Rs 15,000. I will suggest you some top 5 great soundbars under Rs 15,000. As we know OTT Services offering top-quality content, so if you want to make the most of your experience having access to a great entertainment system at home is very important.

All High end TV’s provides great picture quality but they always lacks in the sound department. So a Soundbar is a great option that will help you get the best Sound experience all around your room. There are plenty of great soundbars options available for under Rs 15,000.

In a soundbars the Design, Specs and value for money matter the most. I have done extensive research before making this list. My list are based on the minimum two criteria, i.e Minimum Power output of 160W and Dolby Digital audio Technology supported.

List of Top 5 Best Soundbars Under Rs 15,000

  1. boAt Aavante 3100d
  2. JBL SB 260
  3. LG SJ3
  4. Samsung T45E
  5. Motorola AmphisoundX

boAt Aavante 3100D

boat aavante 3100d


  • 5.1 Channel Surround Sound
  • Powerful 260 W Total Output
  • Premium Design

boAt is one of the most popular company in India producing different kinds of soundbar of various budgets. boAt soundbars reflects the adaptability and enormous value of the equipment that they are famous for. The boAt Aavante 3100d comes with a featured pack performance under this price segment. The reason behind why boat Aaavante 3100d is placed at the first position because it comes with a 5.1 Channel Surround Sound with built-in Dolby Audio Technology.
Speakers at each end of your Soundbar with 2 satellite speaker deliver a clear highs and mids vocals, while a 60 W Subwoofer fills in the thrilling deep lows. It comes with 4 set of pre loaded equalizer which makes user experience more enhanced. The price of boAt Aavante Soundbar 3100D is Rs.12,999.

JBL SB 260

jbl sb260 soundbar


  • 2.1 Stereo Sound
  • Universal Remote
  • 260 W Total Power Output

JBL has been one of the larger manufacturers of audio equipment for a long time now. JBL Sb 260 soundbars come with high quality audio, brilliant build quality and efficient sound systems. When it comes to the audio quality, we have Dolby Audio Technology with Harman Sound kicking in to offer the best audio experience that you can get. The total power output of the JBL Sb 260 is 220 W with a wireless Subwoofer bass, enables you to receive a dynamic audio experience no matters what the size of the room you are in. The price if the JBL Sb 260 soundbar is Rs 13.999.


LG SJ3 Soundbar


  • Built-in Tweeter
  • Powerful 300W Total output
  • Best Soundbar for music lovers

If you want a high resolution audio Soundbar, the LG SJ3 is one of the best mid-range offerings out there. The best thing about this soundbar is it comes with built-in Tweeter which provides a really good quality of highs notes. If you are a Music Lover and you need audio system just for listing music then this soundbar is best for you. Only the things in which LG SJ3 lags behind is the soundbar is not covered from front side and speakers is visible to you, which not looks good in terms of design. The total power output of the LG SJ3 is 300W which is highest among the all of the soundbars listed here. The price of the LG SJ3 id Rs 10,999.

Samsung T45E

Samsung t45E


  • Premium Design
  • Wireless Subwoofer

If you want very compact and premium looking soundbar it offers the best features, the Samsung T45E is the one for you. This Soundbar is best fit for the movie lovers. This soundbar provides perfect balanced audio with great highs and mids vocal. The best thing about the Samsung T45E is it comes with a wireless subwoofer. The total power output of this soundbar is 200W. Price of the Samsung T45E is 14,999.

Motorola Amphi SoundX

Motorola AmphisoundX


  • Compact Design
  • Wireless subwoofer
  • DRC Smart Sound

If you want immersive high quality sound from your soundbar, then Motorola Amphi SoundX is best choice for you. It provides most subtle details with Dolby Audio and optimised frequency response that accurately emphasises the low, mid and high frequencies. The Motorola Amphi SoundX provides a total output of 160W which is decent enough for a big size room and hall. Motorola Amphi SoundX is a fantastic product and is definitely value for money. The Price of this soundbar is Rs 10,999.

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    • Both the soundbars are good. Only difference is JBL sb260 come with 260W Output and Motorola Comes with 160W Power Output. If you want more loudness then you should go with the JBL.
      If you have small hall then 160W Motorola soundbar is more than enough for small hall.

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