Realme Smart Camera 360 and Realme Smart Bulb Unveiled at IFA 2020

At the IFA 2020 event Realme unveiled two IoT products Realme Smart Cam 360 and Realme Smart Bulb. The Realme Smart Cam 360 comes with some appreciable features like Two Way voice Talk, multiple privacy features, 128GB of storage, and Automatic Switch to Infrared Camera at night time. Realme Smart Bulb gives a wide range of Colors Temperatures and is Built to last for up to 13 years. The Availability and Pricing details of the Realme Smart Cam 360 and Realme Smart Bulb have not been revealed, and the company says these would launch soon in International Markets.

Realme Smart Camera 360 Specifications

Realme Smart Camera 360
Realme Smart Camera 360 at IFA 2020 Event

It is the first product in Home Security Segment from Realme. The Realme Smart Cam 360 has a Mechanical Gimbal that achieves 360-degree Panoramic Vision for better Edge Detection and Eliminating a potential blind spot. The Realme Smart Cam supports 1080p Full-HD Video Recording with 3D noise cancellation Algorithm to Improve Image Quality. It also comes with built-in Edge Distortion detection to Capture the living space in a more Human like Manner.

The Realme Smart Camera 360 has an Infrared Night Vision Mode which Automatically Switched On when the Sun Light goes down. This smart camera has a 940nm infrared illuminator merged inside. It comes various options like like Real-time alert, AI motion detection, and Two-way voice communication remote Calls. The Camera Comes with a Unique features, the integrated cover that completely hides the camera lens for those who want privacy at certain times. The Realme claims that the Recorded Video can also be Stored in Locally and Accessed via Realme Link App. The Realme Smart Camera 360 uses AES/TLS 1.2 Encryption Algorithm for both storing and transmission of data.

Realme Smart Bulb Specifications

Realme Smart Bulb
Realme Smart Bulb at IFA 2020 Event

At IFA event Realme Smart Bulb is also introduced by Realme. The Realme Smart Bulb supports 16 million Colors, No-Flickering Light, and a wide range of Color Temperatures (1700k-6500k) from cooler shades to warmer tones to set the temper. The Smart Bulb is made out of Flame Resistant materials and is touted to have a lifespan of 13 years. It even accepts Voice Command Controls, Provides Surge Safety, and has a wide voltage enter.

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